My Word for 2018: Engaged

My Word for the Year: Engaged


I’ve always wanted a word for the year but never decide on one in time. I used to think that disqualified me somehow but not anymore!

So here I am, deciding it’s okay to start on day 5.

My word for the year is “engaged” (now hear me out) – not just engaged to my best friend, but engaged in the moment. Completely captivated, absorbed and taken with whatever life may bring.

It would be too easy to wish this time away in eagerness towards what’s ahead. But instead, even though it’s against my nature, I want to choose slow over hurried. Because I’ll never be in this same moment ever again.

So “engaged” it is. Here’s to a year full of checklists and calling vendors, laughter and every emotion of tears, real conversations and too many I love you’s too count.

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Hey you! I'm Angela, lover of ginger tea, yoga and self-help books. My heart is happiest when I'm serving others and photography is an avenue in which I am able to do just that.






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