How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer for You

Choosing a wedding photographer is no small thing. Photographers are with you more than anyone else on your day! But beyond a service, you’re investing in something far greater: memories you’ll look back on for a lifetime. The flower arrangements and details of the day will fade away but these photos will allow you to relive moments for generations to come.

Above all else, wedding photography is an investment. My hope, is that this post will help you make the absolute BEST investment for you.

Here are 3 main factors to consider before choosing a photographer:

1. Their Style

The first step to narrowing down your search is to choose a photographer with a style that you LOVE. There are a whole range of different styles to choose from and as you begin to look at different photographers and their work, you’ll naturally gravitate towards the style you connect with most.

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend looking at photographer’s website, blog and social media. Then ask yourself: do their photos move you? Do you want photos like the ones you see? Their past work is the best representation of the kind of photos you will receive!

I’ve been asked before if photographers will change their editing style based on their client’s preferences, and I mean this with all kindness, but that’s just not how it works! Editing is half of the magic when it comes to photography, and photographers spend a great deal of time finding their style and editing each photo to fit their unique brand.

So I always recommend starting here: choose a photographer with a style you are head over heels in love with!


2. Your Budget

Once you find the style you love, the next step is to take a look at your budget.

There are photographers on all different ends of the spectrum when it comes to cost. And that’s okay!!  I truly believe that you can find a photographer who has a style you love AND is still in your budget.

However, I do want add here, that you get what you pay for! I know how hard it is to pay for a wedding and to want to cut back on any expense possible, but I really believe photography is one place not to skimp. Wedding photography is an investment because it LASTS.

I understand I might not be in everyone’s budget and that is okay. There are a whole range of photographers to choose from and I’m confident you’ll find someone who is a great fit for you and your budget!


3. Are you a good fit?

Your wedding photographer is with you more than almost anyone else on your day! It’s important to have someone you not only feel comfortable with but want to be around!

When you’re looking at a potential photographer, a great question to ask is simply, do you share similar values/interests? It could be as simple as a shared love for pups or red wine. Whatever it is — they should be someone you can connect with and most importantly, TRUST with your day!

I always suggest jumping on a call or meeting for coffee before I book with someone because I want us to be a good fit for each other! No matter who you choose, try reaching out to set up a Skype call or in-person meeting (if they are local to you!) before you book. Most photographers already will suggest this, and it will put both of you at ease before you make the investment!


Do you have other questions about hiring a photographer? I’d love to answer any questions you have in the comments below!



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