Claire + Joey: Duluth Engagement Session

For two years during my time at Gustavus I was an RA, which is where I first met Claire her freshman year! Gustavus was also where Claire met Joey (!!) and after a few years of dating these two are officially engaged!

When we planned out their session the two of them wanted to ensure small touches of their relationship shone through – all the yes to that!

Throughout their dating relationship these two had a notebook that they would write favorite memories and letters to each other and pass back and forth. They brought it with them and it was so beautiful to see the two of them read entries to one another and revisit all the major and minor milestones they have hit together! One thing in particular they chatted about was their favorite activity both while dating and now: road trips. They’ve always seen it as a gift to slow down, be present and check in with each other. With that in mind, we ended the shoot with a trip down to Lake Superior for a backseat pizza picnic – a beyond brilliant idea that I will be implementing in my life right away. Your forever best friend, the lake, a fading sunset and pizza – need I say more?!

This whole engagement shoot brought with it so many beautiful reminders for our daily lives we should all be doing more of – more checking in with one another, more reminiscing of sweet memories and more slowing down.

What are you most excited for about marriage?
We are most excited to build a life that we are proud of with each other and to continue to push each other to be the best version of ourselves we can be!

Tell me the story of your proposal!
Myself, Claire, and Claire’s mom (Jane) headed up for Duluth on Sep. 1st. I was driving and could hardly contain my excitement. Making it harder for me was the fact that it was starting to rain, and I was planning on an outdoor proposal. We got to Sugarloaf Cove with clear skies, left Jane at the Visitor Center, and headed out on our hike. I got down on one knee out by the water and the rest is history. I forgot everything I was planning to say. But I think I did alright. The first person to know was Jane, just like I knew Claire wanted. – Joey

What is it about the other person you can’t live without?
Claire: “I cannot live without his calm presence + those blue eyes!”
Joey: “I can’t live without her out of control laughter and that mole above her upper lip.”

What are your favorite activities to do together as a couple?
Making fun new dishes or baking! But we also love those long power walks, hikes in the mountains, traveling and constructing the perfect charcuterie board.


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