Nora + Scott: Duluth, MN Summer Engagement Session

Nora & Scott met at work. The college swim coach and the college baseball coach. He’d walk by her office every day until finally one day he got the courage to say hi. Fast forward a bit and these two are about to pair up with another title, bride & groom.

Nora and I go back to our high school swimming days. We spent countless hours together at the pool — both on our high school team and on a local club team in the summers. (My mom actually paid Nora to drive my sisters and me around in the summers before I got my license. In other words, she kind of babysat me until I was 16. Though, I’d like to say we were friends first. 🤣)

For their engagement shoot we spent the most beautiful summer night at the house Nora grew up in! It had been years & years since I’d been there, so it was both meaningful for them to capture these moments at such a personal spot and also fun for me to come back and visit. 

Nora & Scott, I simply cannot wait to celebrate the two of you and your forever in just a few short days!


What is it about the other person you can’t live without? 

Scott’s answer: Your support in everything I do. 

Nora’s answer: Always being my biggest fan and loving me like crazy.


Tell me the story of your proposal! 

Scott worked up a plan with my mom and sister and had me totally fooled! I thought I was walking into my Aunt’s birthday party when I was actually walking into an engagement party for us! Scott proposed in front my whole family and we celebrated the rest of the day together.


What are you most excited for about marriage? 

Chasing our dreams together for the rest of our lives. And starting a family!


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