No matter what stage you’re at in business, there are so many decisions to make when it comes to investing your money. So I've compiled a list of favorite investments: my tried & true tools, resources, gear and favorite educators. Basically, everything I wished I would have known when I was first starting out.

A note: I am an affiliate for some of the resources linked on this page, which simply means I earn a small commission whenever a purchase is made through my referral. It doesn’t cost you any extra -- in fact, it often costs you less because I’ve been able to secure some special discount codes to save money for you! No matter what, know that I only share the resources that I use and love.


favorite tools

My Gear





Honeybook is worth all the hype and more. This platform has streamlined my process, systemized my workflow & made my business feel 100x more professional. Simplify your client communication, send contracts & invoices, safely receive payments, and more. (I would invest in this once you begin booking paid sessions.)

save $200 on your first year

the contract shop

I wish I would have invested in these as soon as I started charging for sessions. Save yourself time, money and stress by protecting yourself legally from the start. These templates are easy to use and understand and are written by lawyers, specifically for creative entrepreneurs.

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my favorite tools & resources

mile iq

Let me just say, I am kicking myself for not investing in this sooner. I'm pretty good at keeping track of my business expenses and income, but mileage is never something I've kept track of well UNTIL using this app. Worry about one less thing and invest in this. (You'll thank yourself come tax time.)

take 20% off your first year


Flodesk allows you to create beautiful newsletters & emails in minutes. The templates are absolutely gorgeous and I've had so many trusted friends recommend this platform to me. If you're looking for an email service provider, this is my favorite option out there.

Get 50% off your subscription


My favorite online system for managing projects, systems and storing all of my business information. The best part: it is completely free to use! If you're just getting started, I recommend checking out some of their help tutorials, like this one here.

use for free

My FAVORITE platform for building your website. It is SO incredibly easy to use and customize. If you’re just starting out, I recommend starting with one of their free design templates until you narrow in on your style & brand. (My style changed so much in my first few years as I grew!)





For culling photos, in lighting speed. If you are a photographer, DO NOT wait. This is an absolute necessity (and I don’t say that about everything). This is the one app that has saved me the most time, and it’s a one-time purchase (not a subscription 🙌🏻). Buy immediately. 



There's not much else to say here, except that Lightroom is the BEST tool for editing your photos. Nothing else compares! If you're looking for presets or editing tips, I've noted some of my favorites in the "Educators" section below!


Borrow lenses

This is such a good resource when you're first starting out!! Try out your gear before you buy with a great rental service. I rented a ton before I had enough gear to get me through a wedding season. Whether you have Nikon or Canon, etc... they have it all.


publish by Narrative

Not a necessity, but this has saved me SO much time when it comes to blogging my sessions and weddings. I have yet to find a better tool for creating beautiful blog galleries at lighting speed. Use code ANGELA31 for 15% off your subscription!

GET 15% OFF with code: angela31

Smart albums

Create professional and beautiful album designs in minutes with Smart Albums. I've tried other album design software out there, and this platform is truly the fastest & simplest from start to finish.

more details

I've tried quite a few different gallery delivery platforms and this one has my heart. The gallery templates are stunning and easily customizable. Plus, each gallery includes a personalized store which allows you to easily sell professional quality albums & prints.




a few of my favorite things

These get me through sessions, weddings & workdays from home



Fave blue light glasses (for the hours of editing). Save $10 on your first pair here!

My favorite subscription: Book of the Month Club
Get your first book for $5 here!

athena & Camron

These two share my heart for creating an experience that is meaningful. They have so much wisdom to share when it comes to guiding clients into poses & prompts that bring out joy, meaning & connection. When they reopen the doors, I highly recommend investing in their "Embracing Connection Masterclass." It's my favorite course I've ever invested in.

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bailey aro

Bailey has been a photographer in the Duluth area for over 10 years and has so much brilliance to share. This is insider information, but she's going to be launching a full shop of resources for photographers & entrepreneurs in January of 2020, so keep your eyes out for that! We can giddily await her launch together.

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the heart university

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Lindsey & Evie are two of my favorites to follow along with in the industry. In the past few years, they launched the Heart University to help others build successful careers while living balanced lives. They offer courses, workshops and some free resources (including a podcast) that are great for anyone starting photography!

dawn charles

Dawn is one of my photographer crushes -- I love her editing style. She has a couple of presets (that I've heard amazing things about) and a shop full of courses and guides that I would trust wholeheartedly. For beginners, I recommend her Guide to Camera Settings.

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india earl

I first fell in love with India's work, but she also has so much wisdom to share on everything from client communication, workflow to running a business. I've never been disappointed with one of her guides and have invested in quite a few!

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Emily Magers

Emily took our photos in Cannon Beach and I cannot recommend her enough! She just released a new set of presets (in collaboration with Dawn Charles) and has a shop filled with great education. If you're interested in learning more about posing, her posing course is gold.

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katelyn james

Katelyn James is a brilliant photographer and she has so many affordable resources for every stage of business. For beginners, or those who are wanting to get into weddings, I recommend joining her "KJ All Access" group where you can access videos of her shooting a whole wedding day. (It's seriously so valuable.) 

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amy & Jordan

Amy and Jordan are long-time favorites of mine. They both used to be teachers and you can tell because they are incredibly gifted educators. They have SO many resources and I frequently visit their blog whenever I have photography related questions.

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the industry educators I've learned most from