5 Steps to Finding Your Dream Dress

1. Drink champagne first

One quality I like to look for in any vendor is above and beyond service. While most bridal shops will pop a bottle of champagne when you “say yes to the dress,” one bridal shop I went to offered champagne right when I walked through the doors. This my friends, is a very smart move and my advice to you is: take the champagne.

People don’t tell you how stressful it is when you’re trying to find your dress, but it doesn’t need to be! It should be a fun experience for you.

So this really isn’t about champagne at all — the point is to keep it light. It might not be champagne and mimosas for you, but do whatever you need to do to go into your appointment refreshed and open minded.


2. Pinterest will only help so much

I thought it would be best if I went in with an exact dress in mind. I had a Pinterest board full of my favorite gowns, but pictures really aren’t the same as trying a dress on in person. Even if you don’t like a dress on the hanger, you might be surprised at how it looks and feels when you try it on!

Make sure to try on lots of styles so you know which one you like best. But when it comes down to it, stick to your gut and stick with your style. You have a personal style that is unique only to you and you can’t go wrong if you choose a dress that fits you.


3. Try the veils

My mom wasn’t over-opinionated about many things, but she was confident of this: I was having a veil.

I hadn’t planned to wear a veil, but I was absolutely stunned how it changed EVERY. SINGLE. DRESS. into something spectacular.

And if you’re worried about cost, some stores will give you a discount on veils if you buy your dress with them (and some even throw it in for free!).


4. Ultimately, it is YOUR decision

Choose the dress YOU want, not the dress your mother wants. This was the best advice I received before I went dress shopping.

If you’re anything like me, you care about your mother’s approval. And if it’s not your mom, maybe it’s your grandma or someone else for you. But remember that it’s your decision and the only person who needs to love the dress is you. (And your future spouse, but he will love you if you’re wearing a paper bag.)


5. It’s YOU in the dress that makes it remarkable.

There are beautiful, stunning, jaw-dropping gowns out there. But that’s not what makes people tear up when you walk down the aisle. It’s you. Remember that before you break your budget.



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