Kelli + Matt: St. Paul Engagement

Tell me the story of your proposal.

I told him I wanted my proposal captured on camera. He planned to propose to me on the day we bought our house because my dad was coming down to help us move and take our picture by the sold sign. So we bought the house, drove down to it, had had take our picture by our new purchase and he asked for one more picture and then got down on one knee! ☺️


How did you know your partner was the one?

Kelli: He’s seen me at my absolute worst and loved me even more because of it. I can be my absolute self around him and feel completely at ease in just being. He has taught me how to love myself.

Matty: She makes me a better person every day and want to be a better person the next day! I couldn’t be happier to have her in my life.


What do you love/admire most about your partner?

Kelli: His levelheadedness, kindness and down to earth demeanor. He is so giving, he helps keep me calm when I’m freaking out and and realistic when coming up with crazy ideas.

Matty: Her maturity for her age and compassion towards others. She is the hardest worker I know and is determined to succeed.


What is marriage to you?

The ability to share everything life has to offer with my best friend. It’s a promise to face the best and worst times of life head on with my favorite person by my side.



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Hey you! I'm Angela, lover of ginger tea, yoga and self-help books. My heart is happiest when I'm serving others and photography is an avenue in which I am able to do just that.






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