Madi + Kyle: North Loop Engagement Session

How did you and your partner first meet?

November of 2017, I was singing in an alumni concert at the small bible college I previously attended. Being that it’s a small school, when I looked out at the audience, I saw many familiar faces. But as I scanned the auditorium, this really cute guy, who I didn’t recognize, caught my eye. It wasn’t until a few months later as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed that I came across Kyle Kerby under the “people you may know”. This was the guy from the concert!! Of course I couldn’t add him as a friend because he surely didn’t know who I was. But, I had to stalk his profile and see who this Kyle guy was!

It wasn’t until March 12, 2018 that I got a friend request on both Facebook and Snapchat from the mysterious and incredibly handsome Kyle Kerby. Not gonna lie, I got butterflies when I saw his name pop up on my screen. Not to seem too eager, I waited a few hours before I accepted his requests. I’m not typically the type of girl who will message a guy first. If they want to get to know me, they’ll talk to me. But I just KNEW I had to talk to this Kyle guy! So, I put my big girl pants on, told myself, “Why not?!” and sent him a message.

A few weeks after that first message, Kyle went to Ecuador for a missions trip. When he got back, we decided it was time we finally met up in person. On April 14th, we met for coffee in Minneapolis and talked for 5 hours. If it wasn’t for the 2 feet of snow that was accumulating outside, we would have stayed at the coffee shop for 5 more hours! Those 2 feet of snow actually worked out in our favor. I couldn’t travel back home and his cousin’s family lived nearby. So we spent the weekend playing hide-and seek and Sequence with an 8 & 9 year old, while we watched the snow fall outside.


Tell me the story of your proposal!

It was the weekend of December 22nd. My mom’s side of the family was having an early Christmas celebration at my grandma’s farm. While everyone was still asleep, Kyle comes in to wake me up (mind you, it’s before 8am) and asks if I want to go for a walk. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not much of a morning person. So they shouldn’t be surprised when my response to that was, “Heck no!” Little did I know, he was trying to get me outside on a beautiful, snowy morning so he could propose. Good going, Madi.

Since I ruined plan A, Kyle moved on to plan B. After breakfast, Kyle asked if I would come outside to help him carry in a present for the family from his car. So a little while later, we walked out to his car and he opened the trunk. He pretended to fiddle around back there and told me to get the box from the back seat. I opened the side door and all that was sitting there was a ring box. I stared at it for a minute before I picked it up. I had a million things running through my mind! “Uhh… This is a ring box. Why would he have a ring box for the family? Is it a ring box? Maybe it’s earrings. Why would he get me earrings? It’s for the family, though. What could fit in this little box that’s for the whole family? This isn’t heavy, why does he need my help with it? Is he proposing?! HE’S PROPOSING! Oh my goodness! He’s PROPOSING!”

Kyle then took the box from my hands, got down on one knee and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes! Then, still shocked, both of us shaking, I gave him a smooch, we hugged, smiled the biggest smiles, hugged some more and then walked inside to tell the family the exciting news.


What do you admire most about your partner?

Madi: He prays for me and with me. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met. He’s a dreamer yet has realistic expectations. He treats me with the utmost respect and puts my needs ahead of his own. He’s such a weirdo, but it matches my weirdness. His strengths compliment my weaknesses. He doesn’t take life too seriously and always keeps me smiling.

Kyle: She is strong where I am weak. We complement each other. She is kind and creative. Her Smile! Her Joy.


What is marriage to you?

Madi: Marriage is a covenant between me, Kyle and God. Marriage isn’t for our happiness (while it can and will certainly make us incredibly happy!), it’s to glorify God and point others towards Him. While our marriage will be far from perfect, it’s a beautiful reflection of Christ and how He loves His bride, the Church. Marriage is for sharing joy and sorrow, learning and growing, serving one another, and serving others alongside each other. Marriage is for dancing in the kitchen and lazy Saturdays snuggled up on the couch. Marriage is for letting your guard down and allowing even the darkest parts of yourself to be exposed. Marriage is for putting your spouse’s needs before your own. Marriage is for growing old together and loving every wrinkle, stretch mark and memory your bodies carry. Marriage is simply being able to walk through this crazy, messy life with your best friend, the person who knows you down to your core.

Kyle: An adventure with my best friend. Chasing after Jesus together. Seeing the world, Exploring, Enjoying the life we have together and the Creation God has Blessed us with.


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