Intimate Lakeside Wedding in Duluth, MN

Let it be known that on November 23, 2019, Duluth decided to bless us with 40+ degree weather and sunshine, and we soaked up EVERY. MOMENT. of it. Surrounded by an intimate crew of family and friends, Maggie and Josiah exchanged vows on the shores of Lake Superior, and it truly could not have been more perfect. Keep reading to hear how these two first met & see more from their day!


How did you and your partner first meet?

We met going to church together when we were about 10 and 14. I (Maggie) always had a crush and when I was 16 I told Josiah and he thought I was crazy, but then we went out and let’s just say he was head over heals 😉 or something like that haha


Tell me the story of your proposal!

Josiah and I went the the arboretum and he proposed on this small bridge. He asked this couple to record it and the video was terrible but also hilarious as the older couple was very shocked and the woman was going oh my gosh I can’t believe this is happening the whole time. 😂 It’s a treasure haha


What is marriage to you?

Marriage to me is a commitment to choose to love God above your spouse and choose God every day because God is the only way to a truly successful marriage. I also think marriage is a choice to choose that person everyday even when you don’t want to some days. I’m so excited to let God guide us through marriage and how to be great spouses!


Portrait Location: Studio in Downtown Duluth | Ceremony Location: Brighton Beach


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