Grethell & Josiah: Hartley Engagement Session

A few weeks before this session, I got to first photograph Grethell & Josiah at my mini sessions with Grethell’s two girls as a family. This time it was just the two of them for their engagement session, strolling around Hartley’s freshly snow-covered paths. With all the attention on them as a couple, I got to see even more in depth their contagious love for one another.

Grethell & Josiah, you two are an absolute delight to spend time with and I’m wishing you all the happiness in your season of engagement!

Couple walking in the woods

Couple hugging in the woods

Engaged couple hugging and laughing

Couple hugging and kissing

Couple standing on hiking trail

Couple walking on an overlook

Couple posing on an overlook

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