My Favorite Winter Locations for Photos In Duluth

We’re just coming out of a cold snap here in Duluth and while the cold might get to us all after a while, I’m a firm believer that for how long winter is, we do need to get out there and enjoy it. Lucky for us, there really is no shortage of beautiful spots here (Duluth really shows off when the temps drop!).

I’ve had the chance to stay busy the past few weeks with brand shoots and elopements so I figured I’d round up my favorite spots for winter shoots in Duluth — from in the woods to down by the lake.


Lester Park

One of my favorite spots, especially in winter! It’s easy to get to and offers so many different areas to explore once you’re there. From tall pines, to long trails this place is always beautiful and feels even more magical when there’s freshly fallen snow.


Brighton Beach

When in Duluth, it’s hard not to get photos by the lake! I grew up in the Duluth area and can say Lake Superior truly never gets old. Which is exactly why this photo location is beautiful ALL year round. It’s another easy spot to get to and if you’re okay with taking on a little (or depending on the year — a lot) of ice you’ll get some gorgeous backdrops.

I’ve never shared this photo back from February 2018 but it’s one of my favorites – when Ben and I took our engagement photos by the talented Anna McParlan of Along An Inland Sea Photography.

I will say, so far, 2021 isn’t quite this icy, so on a sunny day, it may look a little more like this…


Chester Park

Another spot that has plenty to explore but specifically, there’s one fun bridge that I love to bring clients to. It’s a little bit of a walk to get to, nothing too crazy but I always suggest having good shoes if we venture to this spot. 


Christmas Tree Farms

Around the holidays, Christmas tree farms are one of my favorite places to shoot! I have a great spot in town that I love visiting so if you like this idea, reach out and we can get something scheduled!


In Your Home (or My Studio)

And finally, when it’s a high of -14 for a week straight, it’s best to keep things indoors. I’ve always loved in-home and studio shoots as it creates a laid back setting to capture photos in an intimate setting (without any concern of frostbite). 



There you have it, some of my favorite winter spots. If you’re wanting to set up a session before the snow melts – reach out and let’s set something up!

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