Top Tips for Traveling Italy

Don’t waste money on accommodations. Do splurge on the food.

Don’t get too excited when you think your one star hotel has a beautiful first floor view of the canal. Because the whole room may shake (& when I say shake I’m talking minor earthquake) every time a boat drives past.

Do eat gelato at least once a day. Don’t buy a slice of pizza – get the whole thing. Pizza, pasta and pastries are always a good idea.

Beware of pigeons – people say “oh they’ll never hit you,” but my dear, the pigeons in Rome will land on your head.

Do learn “can I kiss you” in Italian so you can recognize and appropriately flee from the phrase if a strange man asks you on a bench.

Don’t stick to the map. Get lost (in comfortable shoes). Talk to strangers. Take lots of photos. Don’t worry about looking like a tourist – you are one.


Top Tips for Traveling Italy

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