Favorite Things: August Edition

We’re somehow almost to the end of the weirdest summer that I think we’ve all experienced and I’m doing my best to hold onto the sweet summertime for as long as I can! (Though, I’m also an Autumn girl through & through, so simultaneously can’t wait for Fall to arrive!)

While this summer has been just a bit different for all of us, it has been so nice to spend a bit more time at home and have more time to relax and get to try out a few new hobbies. For me, in between a busy month of evening sessions, weddings on the weekends and planning ahead for a few fun things next month, I’ve been able to tick away at my “to be read” list and testing out a few new recipes in the kitchen (some better than others). 

If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to spend your weekends or just need to partake in a little retail therapy here’s a list of things that I’m love love loving at the moment.


My favorite thing to wear: belt bags +  jumpsuits

Madewell Belt Bag

Is it a fanny pack? A belt bag? Whatever you want to call this GENIUS accessory is fine by me so long as you realize just how amazing it is. Dresses without pockets have officially met their match. I have been living in dresses this summer but don’t always love that sans pockets, I usually have to lug around a big bag to carry all my things. This belt bag (fine, fanny pack) perfectly fits my phone and credit card making it easy to carry just what I need. 


Everlane Linen Jumpsuit 

This jumpsuit from Everlane has been my unofficial uniform this summer. After weeks of just wearing leggings and sweaters at the start of quarantine, it feels so good to dress up while still maintaining the optimal level of comfort. Fits true to size and straps are adjustable to ensure it fits perfectly. 

This will get you 10% off your order!




My favorite things for self care: vitamins + serums  

Ritual Vitamins 

I’ve been using this season to find new ways to ensure I’m taking care of my body and wellness and I knew taking a multivitamin would be the best first step. Before, the struggle with this plan was to always remember to take said vitamin. Enter Ritual Vitamins: the first multivitamin I actually have remembered to take regularly and after three straight months, I am LOVING it and not looking back!  

If you want a lil daily self care, this will get you $15 off your first order!

Beauty Counter Vitamin C Serum 

Finding a clean serum for my skin care routine that I fully love has been harder than I had anticipated but I have officially found one that I’ll be keeping! Beauty Counter’s All Bright C Serum makes my skin feel so good, it smells oh so amazing and the nontoxic ingredients allow my skin to breathe. Yes, the price tag is a bit steep but it will last a long time. I’ve been using mine daily as part of my morning routine and it should last six months!


My favorite recent read: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Book of the Month is single handedly getting me through quarantine. I count down to when I get to do my picks for the month and get so wildly giddy when it finally arrives on my doorstep.

The best I’ve read recently was actually an old pick that’s sold out, but I’m recommending it anyways. If “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” isn’t on your list, add it now! A fast-paced mystery with strong Veronica Mars vibes and the perfect amount of suspense. It’s all the thrill without the gore, aka an Angela approved mystery. Grab yourself a copy here

And an extra bonus: you can get your first book for just $10


My favorite thing to watch: Younger  

I might be a bit late to the game because after finding this a few weeks back I don’t understand how more people aren’t talking about it?! After an eternity of quarantine I was starting to feel I had heard or watched most of what Netflix or Hulu could offer but was SO pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Younger

Here’s a quick premise: A 40-year-old, stay at home mom is trying to get back into the workforce after her marriage falls apart. She keeps getting shut out from opportunities for being “overqualified” aka: old. One night out on the town she’s mistaken for a 26 year old which sparks an idea to pretend to be younger in her job search. She lands her dream job at a publishing house after she successfully tricks them into thinking she’s in her 20s and they of course believe her. From there it’s an entertaining show that is just enough ridiculousness paired with New York City wanderlust. As if it needs another reason to watch, did I mention Hilary Duff is the co-star that plays the work bestie? 


My favorite thing to listen to: The Pause Podcast

A friend recommended this to me and I’m love love loving it! With two seasons already out, the two hosts Lindsay and Marri, read through a section of the Bible and then they chat about it, break it down and apply it to real life just like two friends would over coffee. Season One walked through James, Season Two covered Exodus and Season Three is coming out next month!

At the end of each show they leave an opportunity for you to pause and practice mindfulness – all the yes to that. I’ve been using this as my daily devotional and listen while I get ready in the morning and it’s really been feeding my soul as I begin each day!

My favorite thing to make: Homemade Hummus! 

For anyone that knows me, crackers, cheese and a good dip could be what I happily eat for all three meals a day. I just made the switch to making my own hummus instead of buying it *everytime* I went to the grocery store and have the perfect recipe for you to do the same. I was not only surprised how easy it was to make but how dang delicious it is! 

My new go-to is from Inspired Taste which I successfully found after googling “easy hummus recipe” which, if you aren’t using that search term for all your recipes, are you even a millennial? I make once a week and it lasts for that full week. You just need a few simple ingredients, 10 minutes and you’re set!


– 1 can chickpeas

– Juice from 1 lemon

– 1 small garlic clove

– 2-3 tbsps water

– 2 tbsps olive oil

– 1/2 tbsp cumin

– Salt to taste.

Directions: Mix all together in a blender or food processor, top with a dash of paprika & enjoy!


And there you have it, my current “gotta-have-its” that I just had to share with someone! Hoping you have the best end to summer and keep finding a few small things that bring you joy as we navigate this crazy world.

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