My Favorite Locations for Photos in Duluth, MN

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer in Duluth is how truly beautiful it is. No matter the season there is no shortage of places to take in the stunning scenery. You could argue that my hometown is my favorite coworker to work with. 

When planning out sessions one of the first conversations I have with clients is where we want it to take place. Lucky for us in Duluth, it’s always much harder to limit the number of locations we head to than it is to think of places to go. 

Here’s a list of my top picks to spark some inspiration!  


Lake Superior:

The obvious go-to and for good reason. I have two favorite spots by the lake: Park Point & Brighton Beach. Both share the same backdrop but have different vibes, Park Point has the sand & dunes while Brighton Beach has a rocky look, both of which are gorgeous.  

Couple sitting at Brighton Beach in Duluth.

Couple hugging at Park Point.

If you’re interested in capturing photos at Park Point (one of the my favorite quintessential Duluth spots), I have a few mini session spots open! Find all the details right here.


Hartley Nature Center:

If you like nature or a more outdoorsy look, this is your spot. Hartley offers tall pines, a small lake and also a beautiful overlook spot with stunning views.

Couple walking through Hartley Nature Center.

Couple at Harley Nature Center walking and laughing.


Canal Park:

An iconic Duluth location! Canal Park offers such a variety of backdrops with its brick buildings and fun walls. Location wise, it’s easy to go right to the Lake or the Lift Bridge for photos. (Which is beautiful, even if you’re a local 😘)

Couple walking by Lift Bridge in canal park.



Fitger’s and its surrounding buildings offer a great mix of brick backdrops and grassy areas. It’s also conveniently located right next to the Lakewalk so it’s easy to head down to the lake from there.

Bride and Groom posting at Fitger's in Duluth.


My Studio:

If you’re interested in an indoor option (or want time to warm up during winter months), my studio space is available at no extra cost! It has simple but fun furniture, all white walls, and most importantly, great natural light.

Couple sitting and hugging in photo studio.


And this is just the start!

Again, these are my top picks that are central to Duluth (and we are just scratching the surface)!

I always encourage the couples, individuals & families I work with to share if they have any favorite spots that are meaningful to them to add them to our list! This could be your home, favorite brewery, coffee shop or ice cream spot. Wherever is meaningful to you — that’s going to be the best location of all.

Couple hugging in field of flowers.


Ready to schedule a shoot in Duluth? Shoot me a note!

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