Mai + Shaine: Lake Superior Engagement Session

Windswept hair, bare feet & champagne snuggles by the lake. This night was as stunning as these two are magnetic.

Mai & Shaine met back in college and this past Labor Day weekend, Shaine asked Mai to marry him and become his forever. These two didn’t let a cold wind off of Lake Superior stop them from having a fun time capturing this season of engagement — but after knowing these two for only a short while, I’m pretty confident they bring fun wherever they go.

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How did you and your partner first meet? 

We met in English class freshman year of college! I sat in the front row that way it helps me pay attention to class, and he came in and sat right next to me! He always says that it was his plan the whole time.


What is it about the other person you can’t live without? 

Mai: His touch, physical touch is my love language.

Shaine: Love and support. She’s like my rock for a lot of things.


What do you love/admire most about your partner?

Mai: I admire his passion for doing what is right. He gets super ambitious about doing good things for people. He’s super nice, sometimes too nice. But I really aspire to be his level of niceness. He always thinks about me and is super caring. His love language is acts of service, even though he’ll never admit it.

Shaine: Her drive to work hard and to get things accomplished. Her energy and passion to live life every moment.


Couple walking on the beach

Engaged couple hugging

Couple laughing by Lake Superior

Couple hugging

Couple posing by Lake Superior

Engaged couple hugging

Couple walking on the rocks by a lake

Couple sitting by the lake

Couple dancing

Couple hugging

Couple holding hands


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